About us page

Who are we?

Do you ever wish for a unique and aesthetic way to showcase your favourite memories of your family, friends or loved ones? That was about to change when we started OMOcustom. We provide you with the imagination to let you design your own unique acrylic sheet. Explore, zoom, customize and order. Voilà, your place of birth, favourite city, favourite song, favourite person or just your happy memory framed on a stand, in your home.

Our story

It all began with a cup of coffee and three friends talking about the possibilities of keeping memories alive amidst the technological advance globally. We were inspired to create a timeless acrylic album to encapsulate all the memories and love shared. The first idea was to create anything that symbolise or reflect one's identity and experiences, hence OMOcustom was born.

Our Firm Belief

We live in a world of creativity, innovation, social media, and technological advancement. Memories, feelings, trips, and experiences are now remembered in the digital world through photos, hashtags, and tags. We believe in creating connections and living life without any need to online all the time. That's why we created Omo to celebrate life's expected and unpredictable or unexpected journeys and adventures. Remember and relive those feelings or experiences and celebrate them through a tangible item, not just a hashtag. We also believe in only sourcing for the best quality of materials because we believe that you deserve nothing but the best to keep your vivid memories and ode to our loved ones alive.

Meet our products

When decorating with our sheets you are able to create a truly unique and personalised wall/room decor. Find the perfect mix of sheets that tell your stories your way. We offer a diverse range of styles and designs with varying products. We believe that everyone is an artist and has the potential to express themselves in their own unique ways. Through our OMO products, we are thrilled to be able to witness you going beyond your wildest imagination to create your very own designs!